Sammy (Talented Doggie!!)
Well!! One of our Rescue Doggies, Sam Fitton is quite a celebrity!! Sam & his Mum Sue entered for the T.V. show Britains Got Talent...

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MAX (Retired Police Doggie)
A Super Story of MAX, a retired police doggie, who now has his Spring back thanks to a new set of wheels!! Police sniffer doggie was forced to retire with arthritis and is now enjoying life again, with the help of his two wheeled chariot, so very kindly bought for him by his collegues at Avon & Somerset Police, after his 7 years of dedicated service...

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More Springer Tales
Many More SPRINGER TAILS!!! Can be enjoyed from our Newslettters. Just Go To Our Newsletters Page and read about all their antics!!!!!!!!..

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"ERIC" (The Viking)
Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Eric. I originally came from Wales, and I must say my life was far from happy. My owner, who was supposed to take care of me just locked me outside and tied me up, all day, every day. So what was a chap to do - I barked! I was so bored, I just wanted some attention. Eventually, "The Nasty Man" got fed up of me and took me down to the Dogs Home and left me there. 'Oh No!' I thought...

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Benson’s Story
Hello I'm Benson, I'm a male Springer puppy, I first lived with a couple with a toddler. My owners unfortunately knew nothing about Springers, especially pups that get to 50lb in six months. Anyway being in a small house and admittedly being clumsy, I soon began to knock over tables, chairs and toddlers, and even the odd adult, accidentally of course...

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Toby’s Tail
Hello, my name is Toby and yes you have guessed correctly, Glyn and Wendy found me a new home, many thanks my friends. I am a liver and white Springer, 6 years of age (I just hate the word... OLD...) and after some years of being locked in a garage with no one to chat to or to make happy, a chap has time on his paws to do a lot of thinking you know, and I was thinking that just maybe there was a better life for me somewhere out there...

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