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Benson’s Story

Hello I'm Benson, I'm a male Springer puppy, I first lived with a couple with a toddler. My owners unfortunately knew nothing about Springers, especially pups that get to 50lb in six months. Anyway being in a small house and admittedly being clumsy, I soon began to knock over tables, chairs and toddlers, and even the odd adult, accidentally of course. The lady decided I had to go right away, and she meant now, two phone calls later and after an hours run we parked outside the 'bosses' house, she dragged me in with a carrier bag full of my possessions, and made off in haste. Within a few minutes she had signed a paper and left me here. I looked at the new people, they looked at me, I went into my 'pleased to meet you' routine, you know high skilled tail wags and a little leap on the carpet every yard or two. Suddenly there was a riot in progress, this little girl Springer is on me with tail going ten to the dozen, licking me all over. I like this I thought, until this male Springer hurtles in with teeth bared and pins me to the floor. I'm twice his size but you know he's here first, I let him show me whose boss till I suss this out, the other two are called Rusty and Amber by the way.

Blow me two hours later the man (the Boss), takes me to a very large posh house with a nice man, lady and two kids and leaves me there. I settle in nicely but they lock me in the kitchen at night. I tried the odd howl but it didn't work, so I have to amuse myself don't I! It's not my fault that the phone is so fragile and that the wallpaper is so tasty, even that bottle of wine which 'fell off' the unit top and broke. I thought I'd better clean up, but I couldn't quite finish it off due to the fact that I fell over and could not get up again. I don't recall much after that, but I did wake up in the bath. I still can't tell a good wine by its bouquet. I loved running round the house at top speed but the lady was not amused, and I slid right down the dining table leaving claws right along it. Nor was the man over pleased, when, whilst reading his newspaper I would run across the room and dive through the newspaper like a dog through a hoop (Well I thought it was amusing).

Oh well back to the drawing board so they say, I went back to the twosome, Rusty and Amber and of course the boss with whom I'm now best of pals. Boss lady actually thought I was going to be rehomed again nobody actually laughed at this naive thought. We all thought that the penny would drop I was going nowhere else. I've been here eight months now I can open cupboard handles with my teeth get the bags of rubbish out of the plastic bin, and sort it out into nice edible piles. I can also flush birds and return, search and track. All good fun, but not as good as sorting the bin out.

Must go now, the other two are heading to the kitchen. I must have missed some food and at only 62lb I need a little extra.

Bye Bye,
Oh and Amber and Rusty too.

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