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Happy Holly Days

This Christmas Harry Potter is all the rage.
You see him on television and every news page.
We have enjoyed all his books, this is true,
But the magic in our house is a springer spaniel who's new!

She has cast her spell on all she has met ...

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Dear Glyn and Wendy

It is now ten days since you brought Lilly to live with us but it already feels as though there was never a time when she was not here. She accepted us, but more especially she accepted Milly our twenty-month old other rescued Springer, completely and unreservedly...

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To Glyn and Wendy,

Hi, I thought I would send you an e-mail to let you know how I am settling in with my new parents. Well they are turning out quite easy to train, I have already taught them to rise at 6.30am and get Daddy to walk with me whilst Mummy makes my toast...

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