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To Glyn and Wendy,

Hi, I thought I would send you an e-mail to let you know how I am settling in with my new parents. Well they are turning out quite easy to train, I have already taught them to rise at 6.30am and get Daddy to walk with me whilst Mummy makes my toast. I have selectedthe best chair to relax on (I got a funny look from Daddy but I soon trained him with a loving look).

I have met the local pooches and I am glad to say that they are nice but not as handsome as me. Mummy says I need fattening up so she has been giving me a boiled egg with my toast and I must say I enjoy them.

Yesterday I got them to take me to see my new Vet and have my yearly booster and check up. I got a clean bill of health and I was told I must put on a bit more weight as I only weigh 17.5 kilos, also Mummy got me insured yesterday (Boring!) I am going to be the heathiest Springer you have ever seen.

I like the area I am living, lots of birds, sheep, cows and chickens (I like them) and fields to run in, but no swimming area. Daddy has promised to take me to Morecambe Bayfor a swim, so I am looking forward to that.

Guess what, I have been given my own e-mail address. Who knows, I might become a journalist but I will definitely be writing to you lovely people as you have made both me and Mummy & Daddy a very happy family.

Well Mummy and Daddy look like they are settling down to watch some television programme so it;s time for me to continue with my training of them with a three mile walk, I will show them what loving a dog really means!

Lots of love

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