Springers are generally very active and energetic dogs, and therefore need a home where the owners are the same.

They can adapt to any environment if necessary, as long as there are "ample" areas where they can be exercised.

They never seem to tire and are always ready, willing and able to go out for walks, as many and as long as possible.

They are very affectionate dogs and love the company of people around them.

They aren't too keen on being left alone and therefore people who are out for long hours could experience problems with the dog becoming bored.

It is always a good idea, if practical, to have more than one Springer, as they love to run and play together and become great companions.

Basically, Springers are strong willed and active, always on the go. They love family life and are extremely affectionate, but need to be controlled.

If you have those special qualities needed, i.e plenty of love, commitment and the total dedication that is required in owning a Springer, then you are the home we are looking for.

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