We, Springer Spaniel Rescue, are a team of members (Joan, Timber, Barbara, Paul,  Craig, Keeley, Judy, Nicky, Derek, Karen, Tom, Fiona, Glyn and Wendy) who will take in Springers and place them in the CORRECT safe or permanent home.

We are based in the North West of England, but we will help with any problem anywhere in the country. We rely totally on donations to enable us to look after any springer that needs us. The team at Springer Spaniel Rescue are totally dedicated to the well-being of all Springers.

Our aim is to find the best and most appropriate home for every Springer that comes into our care, be it English or Welsh, and regardless of age or condition. This involves getting to know the dog and his/her needs and then finding the home that suits. This is achieved by stringent vetting.

Firstly, when we get a telephone call from someone wanting a Springer we have a general chat to establish if these people are really suitable to adopt a Springer. We often find that 6 calls out of 10 are not a appropriate. The ones that we feel are worth pursuing are then asked to answer a vetting form with question such as:

When we have successfully homed a Springer, we do follow up calls to make sure all is well, and always encourage the family to keep in touch with us by sending letters and photographs of their doggies progress. We also send out newsletters twice yearly to everyone with an update of what we are achieving, along with poems and photos etc.

If you'd like further information about anything you have seen on this site, or enquiries about rehoming a dog, please feel free to contact us:

Glyn & Wendy Griffiths
18 Mill Lane

Tel: 01257 464130
Email: springerrescue@btinternet.com

Please email or telephone with all the information we require, which is listed above, along with a brief description of your lifestyle.  We will then discuss matters further.

Many Thanks.

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