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Happy Holly Days

This Christmas Harry Potter is all the rage.
You see him on television and every news page.
We have enjoyed all his books, this is true,
But the magic in our house is a springer spaniel who's new!

She has cast her spell on all she has met .
There is more magic to come, on this you can bet.
She will snuggle and cuddle for hours upon hours,
and it already feels like she has always been ours.

Then quick as a flash she is all full of fun
She is letting us know she now wants a run.
So away we go to grant her request,
No not on our broomsticks! We find feet are best.

So thank you springer rescue for casting your spell,
to make lots of dogs happy and we owners as well.
We know you work magic all the year through,
So we hope that you prosper and wish a merry Christmas to you,

And last but not least I would like say
Thank you to Joe & Eva who helped all the way,
I also should add the name of our new mate
She is called Holly - now isn't that appropriate!!!!!!!!

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