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Dear Glyn and Wendy

It is now ten days since you brought Lilly to live with us but it already feels as though there was never a time when she was not here. She accepted us, but more especially she accepted Milly our twenty-month old other rescued Springer, completely and unreservedly. They play endlessly in the back garden, using it as a racetrack, tug-of-war arena and wrestling ring. We are fortunate in having a Country Park just outside town with large lakes and the river Medway flowing along one boundry where both dogs may run and plash freely and safely. You know better than us what a magnet water is to a Springer and so it is no surprise that Lilly can hardly be kept out of it. Indeed, she is already beginning to swim remarkably well - a fair amount of splashing but the technique is improving with each passing day.

We have changed Lilly's name to Molly, in part because we felt that is was too similar in sound to Milly but also because the very first dog we shared our lives with nearly forty years ago was named Mandy and because both Margaret and I learned to read using the "Milly Molly Many" books, it seemed absolutely fitting. Molly has had no difficulty in responding to her new name and remarkably, in view of the very short while she has been with us, returns to the call immediately whatever she is doing - oh alright - like all Springers she sometimes puts her "deaf head" on especially if there is something particularly exciting going on but generally she is a very obedient young lady. Whilst we are out, like all pack animals she constantly checks that we a re in sight, and at home, she follows us around as though she is fearful of losing us but I think it is because she know that no human can possibly manage without help.

We have just got back from Molly's first visit to our Vet where, except for a little residual ear infection she passed her physical 100%. He decided that since it would appear that she is just starting her first season we would let her complete it and spay her immediately afterwards. It would mean walks entirely on a lead for a couple of weeks but that's life!

You will already have found the photographs of both Milly and Molly. We hope you like them. (See them here)

Thank you all so very much or your kindness and help in bringing us together with Molly. She makes our family complete once more and I know we will have a long and happy life together. If there is any way in which we in our turn can help the cause of Springer Rescue do not hesitate to call upon us. Keep up the good work.

We'll make sure that we keep you posted of Molly's progress with reports and photos from time to time.

Our very best regards
John & Margaret Ross (and Milly & Molly)

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