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Sammy (Talented Doggie!!)

Well!! One of our Rescue Doggies, Sam Fitton is quite a celebrity!!

Sam & his Mum Sue entered for the T.V. show Britains Got Talent.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it through to the live shows, as at the last audition, the audience were just too much for him, and he stood on the stage wagging his tail at everyone!!!!!!

They didn't get any boo's or nasty comments (Mmmm!  Simon Cowell springs to mind!!!!!!), just lots of awwww's!!!!

Hopefully, we may see Dear Sam in the 'out-takes'.

It's a pity, we were not on the panel of judges!!! cos, SAM you would have won, without doubt!!

Well Done Sam & Sue - We are sure you enjoyed the experience.


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