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"ERIC" (The Viking)

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Eric. I originally came from Wales, and I must say my life was far from happy. My owner, who was supposed to take care of me just locked me outside and tied me up, all day, every day.

So what was a chap to do - I barked! I was so bored, I just wanted some attention.

Eventually, "The Nasty Man" got fed up of me and took me down to the Dogs Home and left me there. 'Oh No!' I thought. Being tied up outside was bad enough, but this was worse, I was now in a cage! But I needn't have worried, I didn't realise it at the time, but my life was just about to begin. Springer Rescue were called and they came to collect me - My first step to happiness!

A very nice man, called Malcolm put me into his car and gave me lots of fuss and encouragement. I felt better immediately. We then drove to Springer Rescue kennels and Malcolm assured me it was a very nice place and not to worry as they would find me the right home very soon.

We arrived at the kennels and OH YES, "cats"!!! I spotted the geese straightaway! I had good fun there, lovely large paddocks to play in. I was a bit naughty at times, jumping over the fencing, although it was 8ft tall. Not a problem to my good self, being the athletic type of chap!!! I always headed for the cattery, causing "havoc" when I got there, all in good fun you know!

I went on plenty of good walks with Graham, Torina, Laura, Glyn and Wendy from Springer Rescue, who often came down to see me. They groomed me too and made me feel good, but I really wanted a proper permanent home with my very own mum to love me, and all those home comforts which I had heard about but never had...

A few weeks passed and then one day a lovely lady and her son came to see me. They looked at me, I looked at them and that was it - at last I had found my "family"!

Mum said, she fell in love with me the moment she saw me: not surprising really as I am such a handsome chap!! We all went "home" and it is just wonderful.

I settled in straight away. I go on lovely walks with mum and James. I run and run, always making sure I keep them in sight. Mum says I have a lovely nature and I love playing with children. One of my favourite past times is playing in water, the muddier the better! Mum thinks it's hysterical! Good job really, because she has to bath me... I'm not too keen on that bit...

I am such a happy boy, now, my life is wonderful and mum says she could not have asked for a better doggie and I think I've got the best Mum in the world!

Must go now, it's dinner time and then I'm off our to play with Mum & James - wonder if I'll see any cats....?! (Only joking!!)

Bye bye & thank you Springer Rescue


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